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Bring greater transparency to the broker-client relationship.

Prepare for upcoming RPA reporting, MiFID II and other new regulatory challenges.

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Forward Calendar

Forward Calendar

View and request access to events

Resource Tracking

Resource Tracking

Track and rank your activity

Broker Vote

Broker Vote

Simplify broker valuation analysis

Monitor and analyze your broker interactions in one place.

Save Time & Effort

Save hundreds of hours reviewing your broker interactions and ascribing a value to each.

See Your Consumption & Readership

Reconcile your records and bring greater visibility to your consumption and ensure that it is aligned with your research budget.

Customize Your Feed

Manage a firm-wide view of all upcoming interactions and chose which ones to include in your feed with a robust admin process.

Quantify Value

Quantify the value of each interaction by creating a custom weighting or rate card.

Visualize Your Data

Visualize your consumption through multiple dimensions, such as geography, broker or team, and restore transparency to the broker vote process with complete auditability.

Vendor-Agnostic Integration

Integrate your interactions data with Broker Vote, CSA/RPA, and Hard Dollar payment systems.

A vote you can look forward to.

Bring your broker vote process into the 21st century.

Be Fully Equipped for Change

Prepare for MiFID II with a robust framework that allows you to fulfill the requirements of new regulations.

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Forward Calendar

Configure Your Vote

Configure your broker vote by type, aggregation, and apply a standardized weighting for each vote component.

Forward Calendar

Get A Recommended Vote

Receive a recommendation to guide your current broker valuation process based on past broker vote data and recent interactions.

Forward Calendar

Create A Broker Scorecard

Refine the ranking of each component of your broker vote and generate detailed scorecards.

One-click access to events from 280+ brokers.

Zero in on what’s relevant with Forward Calendar.

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Design Your View

Create a customized view based on your specific interests, such as companies, sectors, and locations.

Gain Easy Access

Request access to events and receive confirmation with one-click.

Stay Updated

Sync your Outlook calendar with upcoming events and receive a curated email on a daily or weekly basis.

Connect Live

Share your event calendar or planned meetings to improve collaboration within your team or firm.

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