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Protect the value of your content.

Bring efficiency to your distribution process and eliminate content leakage.

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Make smarter decisions about the activities you engage in and continually add value to your client relationships.

Through one hub, streamline the distribution of your content in accordance with your entitlement rules, collect and aggregate research readership and format your interactions data so that it is suitable for any vendor.


Interactions Hub

Ensure accuracy and bring efficiency to your distribution process.


Entitlements Hub

Simplify the entitlements workflow and eliminate content leakage.

Analytics Hub

Generate insights from research readership, model usage, and event requests.

Upload, review and distribute your interactions data in one place.

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View Upcoming Deliverables

Increase your visibility into upcoming client interaction deliverables across all of your buy-side clients within a single dashboard.


Improve Data Health

Maximize your time by visualizing common errors and missing information. Gain immediate transparency into the health of your interactions data across multiple channels.


Ease Vendor Management

Streamline your vendor management by allowing ONEaccess to transform your data so that it is delivered in the right format for each of your vendor relationships.

Create Multiple Workflows

Create distinct workflows for administrators and sales users to ensure accountability across the organization.

Distribute your content to the right vendors and clients with greater confidence.

Manage enterprise entitlements with ease and give your clients the service they deserve.

Contribute Your Content

Add your corporate access events, research, and models to ONEaccess in your native format.

Manage All of Your Entitlements

Streamline the management and enforcement across vendors through ONEaccess.

Create Content Groups

Permission and distribute your content in groups by analyst, sector, region, company, and more.

Design Entitlement Tiers

Eliminate content leakage by setting up strict entitlement rules on a user, firm, or client-tier basis.

Understand readership and usage across multiple dimensions.

Analyze how your research, corporate access, and models are being consumed and valued.

Lead the change for your organization.

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